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DATE 8-26-18
TIME 1:57pm
MEMBER INFO 37 members present


Legislative Updates

Lane splitting was discussed during the legislative meeting. Where is ABATE’s position on this? An article was written but won’t come out until September. There are different types of lane splitting and different layers of what will be allowed. Once the Bill is out and more details are shared with the public, ABATE will take a stance.


CWC Website

Email Jim @ jimwanda@bellsouth.net if you want something to be added to the website. Website address is WWW.ABATECWC.com


A vote took place where the majority of the members decided to put the, non-refundable, $500 deposit for the cruise. Not enough people has signed up yet and 20 more people are needed.


Val has not purchased the window decals yet.


The trailer is now a dead deal. We will probably have to wait until next year before we can purchase a trailer. Dual axle is what we need.


Roughly 40 people showed up at the sweaty seats run. ABATE of CWC had a good turnout.


ABATE of CWC is entered in this year’s Xmas parade.  It will be non-smoking this year.


The Helmet rally is in October. It will start in the parking lot next to Animal’s. More details on the rally in this month’s magazine.


Pool tournament. Registration will be at 11:00. More details at the next meeting.


Next year’s State party may take place in Cedar Pound in Leesville. Trying to organize it closer to the Midlands in the hopes to have a higher participation rate.


Nancy Thigpen’s benefit ride is on October 13th. 2 guns are being raffled to help raise money by CHANCE.


5 new people are joining us today. Please see Jim if you would like to sign up.