Who We Are
ABATE of South Carolina is Biker Rights.
A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments

ABATE of South Carolina Cayce West Columbia is a local chapter of ABATE of South Carolina. ABATE of South Carolina, Inc. is the Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization (MRO) of South Carolina. Our members brought freedom of choice to South Carolina bikers in June of 1980; ABATE amended South Carolina’s mandatory motorcycle helmet law to allow adult freedom of choice. ABATE stands for A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments. Our philosophy is to defend liberty; while we do not oppose safety devices we oppose laws that mandate the usage of devices.
ABATE of SC operates in the style of a republic. You can learn more about the operation and governance of ABATE by reading our constitution and policies and procedures.




  • 1980 – Helmet Law was amended to allow adults 21 and older the option of wearing a helmet.
  • 2006 – Handlebar Height Law Repealed
  • 2006 – Motorcycle property tax cut from 10% to 6%
  • 2008 – Red Light legislation passed allowing motorcycles to take a left on a red after two minutes
  • 2008 – Passed specialty license plates for motorcycles
  • 2008 – Helped legalize vertical license plates
  • 2009 – Repealed special driver license testing for three wheel motorcycles
  • 2009 – Helped pass Veterans license plate for motorcycles
  • 2009 – Sponsor of the “Alive at 25” program in schools
  • 2014 – Passed Equal Access legislation which allows motorcycles to park in public funded garages
  • 2016 – Motorcycle Permit legislation which removed the requirement of a parent or guardian
  • 2016  – Passed Lemon Law legislation which allows motorcycles the same warranty protections
  • 2017  – Passed Ride Endorsed which requires a person to take a motorcycle safety class after three failed attempts
  • 2017 – Passed a 4 point reduction from their license if they pass a motorcycle safety class
  • 2019 – Passed High Mileage legislation which allows motorcycles to have the same property tax deductions as automobiles

Over the years, many new helmet bills have been introduced, and blocked, due to efforts from ABATE of SC.


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